A Beautiful Marriage Counseling Center

Our Mission

Marriage is difficult at best, this is evidenced by the fact that we still have a 43-49% divorce rate in this country. Some cynics say that the best cure for divorce is not to marry. At A Beautiful Marriage we believe that nothing will be gained from a disconnected world in which everyone makes no commitments to one another.

Our mission is to solve the problem by educating couples in the art of relationship, so they can go into marriage and relationships with more awareness and skill. A Beautiful Marriage is an education and counseling center pioneering this type of education.


Our Resources

A Beautiful Marriage Education Center offers the most up to date programs based on the top marriage and relationship programs available today. Our sources include:

  • John Gottman
  • Harville Hendrix
  • The PREP Program
  • Michelle Weiner Davis
  • Love and Respect
  • Chapman
  • Pat Love
  • ...and many more.

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