A Beautiful Marriage

About your Therapists

Portland counseling center, A Beautiful Marriage, is a unique center offering marriage counseling, couples counseling, family counseling, and divorce prevention in a compassionate, non-judgmental, skill- based way.  We work with couples including:

  • Pre-marriage assessments and training
  • Ongoing marriage and couples counseling
  • Singles relationship issues
  • Help for those separated or contemplating divorce

A Beautiful Marriage began in 2005 and has evolved to offer comprehensive couples and marital counseling that empowers couple to deal with the complexities of real relationships.  Couples communication, how to feel close, reduction of conflict, and enhancement of intimacy are our goals.


Sher Ireland


Sher is a 40 year veteran of the field of counseling and holds a license with the state of Oregon as an L.P.C. (Licensed Professional Counselor) as well as two masters degrees, one in counseling and the other in management. She is also a certified chemical dependency counselor. Sher’s range of employment history includes Non-profit Management, Volunteer Management, Vocational Evaluation and Counseling, Vocational Rehabilitation, Career Management, Professional Ministry, Public Relations, Student Services Administration, Marketing Coordination, College Instruction, and extensive public speaking experience.

Sher has lived in Oregon since 1981 and is married to Paul Ireland, a Portland area Landscape Contractor. They have been happily married for 10 years. Sher tries very hard to practice what she teaches, and she and Paul attend seminars working consciously to enrich their own marriage. Sher is a person of faith, an entrepreneur, and the founder of A Beautiful Marriage.

Sher is deeply committed to bringing marriage/relationship education and counseling to the Oregon scene, and has attended the Smart Marriages conferences on three separate occasions, being trained by such experts as Scott Stanley, Lori Gordon, Michelle Weiner-Davis, Pat Love, Harville Hendrix, Les Parrott, and John Gottman. The work of these educators and others is featured at A Beautiful Marriage.


Experienced Counselors

The counselors at A Beautiful Marriage, supported by scientific research, understand how to predict whether a couple might be headed toward divorce. This knowledge, coupled with collective experience of over 35 years in counseling, and more than 80 years in education, gives our team the tools to provide couples the best chance to stay together, and identify what may pull them apart. Our extensive resources provide couples with literally hundreds of tools from top experts and from research done at major universities to evaluate their individual and collective needs.

At A Beautiful Marriage, our experience includes counseling couples struggling with such issues as addiction, extramarital affairs, abuse, past abuse, ADD/ADHD, sexual abuse, and anxiety and/or depression. In rare cases, when all else fails, we offer mediation to allow separating couples to part in peace, as well as support to those experiencing the trauma and pain of divorce.


Help - When & How You Need It

A Beautiful Marriage is designed so that no couple will wait longer than two weeks to obtain an appointment to participate in an introductory session, during which the couple will design the balance of their program with the help of some initial assessments and their leader's recommendations. While each program is tailored to the couple's expressed needs and can be delivered in private sessions, any or all of the sessions taught may be also be provided in a group setting.


Long-Term Relationship Skills

Living in a long term relationship takes skills which must be acquired. Since most of us were never taught how to achieve a great relationship, either by our parents or in any formal educational setting, we simply don't know about the "emotional intelligences" that safe, passionate relationships require.

The in depth programs offered at A Beautiful Marriage not only explain what to do, they provide partners and singles with the tools and "how to" steps to gain the emotional and behavioral skills crucial to successful, fulfilling and lasting relationships.

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