Couples & Marriage Counseling in Portland

A Beautiful Marriage

A Beautiful Marriage Center offers Portland area couples the insight and knowledge to love more intelligently.  When that happens, both partners are happier, more fulfilled, and better able to satisfy one another’s needs. 

A Beautiful Marriage delivers marriage and couples counseling, and family counseling based on the top marriage and relationship programs and theorists available in the United States.  Our sources include John Gottman, Harville Hendrix, The PREP program, PAIRS, Michelle Weiner- Davis, Pat Love, Love and Respect, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, Dr. Chapman, and many others.

A Beautiful Marriage serves couples and families throughout the Portland area including:

  • Struggling couples looking to improve their relationship
  • Pre-marital couples seeking to train for their best relationship
  • Couples looking to enhance their relationship
  • Couples looking to build better intimacy both emotionally and sexually

The first session with your counselor will identify issues the couple needs or wants to work on and a plan will be developed which targets techniques and information specific to the desired outcomes. Couples will learn what predicts divorce and how to avoid these pitfalls.  We want to divorce-proof marriages, and help those not yet married be aware of the skills it takes to be together well.

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